Hack WordPress “Top 10 Posts”

Petit hack utile

« Top 10 Posts » coded by LaughingLizard http://dinki.mine.nu/word/
Compatible with all versions of WordPress


1) Open up mysql command line tool, and type in these lines:
(this is considering wpdatabase is the name of your wordpress database)

 use wpdatabase;

create table mostAccessed


postnumber int not null,

cntaccess int not null,

primary key(postnumber),

unique id(postnumber)


Or you could use phpMyAdmin or any other MySql admin tool to create a new table called usersOnline inside your WordPress database with the above columns.

2) If you are using WordPress 1.0 or above AND are using my-hacks.php, copy the functions from below to your my-hacks.php
and place it within the <?php and the ?> tags.
If you are using 0.72 or below, copy these to the end of your b2functions.php which is inside your b2include folder;
again make sure that they are within the <?php and the ?> tags.

function add_count($p_number) {

$result = mysql_query("select postnumber, cntaccess from mostAccessed where postnumber = '$p_number'");

$test = 0;

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_NUM)) {

$row[1] += 1;

@mysql_query("update mostAccessed set cntaccess = '$row[1]' where postnumber = '$row[0]'");

$test = 1;


if ($test == 0) {

@mysql_query("insert into mostAccessed(postnumber, cntaccess) values('$p_number', '1')");



function show_pop_posts() {

global $wpdb, $siteurl, $tableposts;

$results = $wpdb->get_results("select postnumber, cntaccess from mostAccessed ORDER BY cntaccess DESC LIMIT 10");

foreach ($results as $result) {

$postnumber = $result->postnumber;

$post = @$wpdb->get_row("SELECT ID, post_title  FROM $tableposts WHERE '$postnumber' = ID");

//$post_title = substr($post->post_title, 0, 20);

$post_title = $post->post_title;

//$url = get_permalink($post->ID);

echo "<li><a href=\"$siteurl"."index.php?p=".$post->ID."&more=1&c=1\" title=\"$text\" />$post_title</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>($result->cntaccess)</strong></li><br/>";



3) Now open your index.php and find this line:
<?php } } else { // end foreach, end if any posts ?>

And place this line just above that:
<?php if ($p > 0) { add_count($p);}?>

Now place this code where you want your top10 posts to show up (outside the wp-loop):
<?php show_pop_posts(); ?>

All done!

This new functions allows you to show the number of times a certain post is visited.

As above, add this function to my-hacks.php (or to b2functions.php if earlier than 1.0)

function show_post_count($postcountID, $before="(Visited ", $after=" times)") {

global $wpdb, $tableposts;

$resultscount = $wpdb->get_results("select postnumber, cntaccess from mostAccessed WHERE postnumber = $postcountID");

if (isset($resultscount)) {

foreach ($resultscount as $resultcount) {

$postcount = $resultcount->cntaccess;

echo $before.$postcount.$after;




Then find this line to your index.php:
<?php comments_popup_link(‘Comments (0)’, ‘Comments (1)’, ‘Comments (%)’); ?>

And add this line right below it (or anywhere around it):
<?php show_post_count($post->ID, $before= »(Visited « , $after= » times) »); ?>

PS: if you get an error, click on one of your posts to make that the most popular and things will catch on from there.

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